Grandmas are wonderful. I think everyone has a wonderful memory involving a grandmother or grandfather. Well, I’m on my way to the other side of those memories. My oldest daughter is pregnant! I was a young mother at 17 and she will be a young mother at 19 which will make me a grandmother at age 36. I’m still adjusting to this idea, but I am excited to welcome a new life into our family.  It’s also fun to add that my mom will be a great-grandmother at age 57 and her mom will be a great-great-grandmother at age 80.  I cannot even wait to take a picture of 5 generations when the baby is born!!

I’m too young to be grandma. My mom is “Mimmi” to her grandchildren, so I had to get creative.  I started googling other names for grandma.  I decided on “Nonna”.  It is Italian for grandma.  I am not Italian, but my husband is so I figured it’s ok to borrow the name.  I also looked into grandma in Hebrew and found one website that includes “Nonna” but I didn’t see that anywhere else, so I’m not sure if it’s accurate.  I found Savta to be more common as the Hebrew name for grandma, but that seems pretty hard to say for little ones.  I don’t know a lot about Jewish culture, but my dad’s family is all Jewish and it seemed fun to include my husband’s and my heritage together for our grandparent names.

I can’t wait to meet this new sweet bundle of joy.  She will be another princess in our mostly female family.  (Poor boys!)  I believe that all babies are a blessing from the Lord.  No matter the circumstances, God is the giver of life.  He has a plan and a purpose for her and we will speak His word over her.  We need to remember this.  When someone says that they are pregnant, please REJOICE!  Don’t ask what is she going to do, or even if she is excited.  Recognize that every child is a blessing and should be celebrated as such.  Any support or excitement is usually appreciated.

I am incredibly proud of my daughter.  A few months ago she was not very serious about college or even her future in general.  Being pregnant has not only motivated her to make goals and a focus for her future, but she has also changed her perspective on life as a whole.  She has made many changes to improve her health, she is educating herself on many parenting topics, and she has reenrolled in college.  My sweet girl calls me more often and visits at least 1-2 times per week.

When my precious granddaughter is born, I will have the honor of caring for her while my daughter is in work and school.  I am so blessed to have to ability and opportunity to do this.  My youngest daughter will turn 4 years old right before I become a grandmother.  She is equally excited about the new addition and wants to help take care of the new baby.  I look forward to teaching both girls and enjoying every minute with them.

I’m pretty sure I was 17 just a few years ago and don’t understand how my girl can possibly be older than 4 or 5.  I can’t comprehend how so much time has passed and how my first blessing is now having her own.  Parents, please enjoy every day, every age.  Those 18 years breakdown to 18 birthdays, 18 Christmas’s, and 18 summers.  What will you do with them?

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