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If you are looking to enroll in Young Living with your tax return, your wait has become a blessing for you! There have been some pretty awesome changes for starter kits and I'm so jealous.


When you're ready to sign up, click here: .  If you have any questions, you can message me on FB or email me at

1. The Desert Mist diffuser is now available with a Premium Starter Kit.  This diffuser is gorgeous! It has 11 different light settings, three different time settings (High = 5-6 hours, Low = 8 hours, and intermittent = 10 hours), and it's the same price as the Dew Drop PSK.  <3

2. Purification and R.C. will be replaced with Raven and Citrus Fresh. I love all of these oils!  If you order the kit and want the Purification and R.C., you can always add it to your order. Raven is great for upper respiratory, viral, and asthma problems.  Citrus Fresh has a wide range of benefits. Diffusing it can help kill airborne bacteria, alleviate insomnia, and is relaxing and calming. Taking internally can be beneficial to your lymphatic and immune system.

3. The essential oil samples will be replace with a sample of Thieves Household Cleaner.  I recently purchased this for the first time. It is so amazing. It smells great and cleans even better.  It's very concentrated and you only need 1 oz of cleaner with 30 oz of water.

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